This was a part of a pitch deck for a design concept for a big tech guy and his university, one of two ideas and this was the other half. In the end, the company did not win that pitch but we were finalists. The turn around was very tight, we had less than a day to really think about the strategy and design and this was my best shot with a rough idea for the logo and the overall idea. The concept would focus on the students themselves, no matter their stage in life, it was never too late to pursue a career in tech. To convey this, there would be included images of people of all walks of life, including parents. The other concept my colleague did (not shown here) utilized images of middle-aged men and women who are sadly, often overlooked for tech jobs due to ageism.


A denim and mustard color palette was chosen for it’s vibrancy and timelessness (school bus yellow and denim jeans) as tech has a tendency to look dated very quickly. Think 90s flip phones and CRT monitors. I chose the triangular geometric pattern to tie in with the logo idea that could be explored more in-depth with the imagery and color palette if the concept was able to advance.