This was another catalog design to be released in 2021 where I was able to leverage a lot of my photography skills for the cover, beauty shots and half of the angled on-white shots. Beauty images were shot under similar conditions and props as this work. On-white shots were taken under artificial LED lighting then color-corrected and carefully clipped for any future masking requirements.

Color consistency on the finish of the metal was very important. Often times with today’s lightning fast releases and marketing launches, we are shooting with First Articles, the very first batch of parts from the manufacturer. Many times these pieces can be heavily flawed or the finishes inconsistent. Golds that don’t match, that are too yellow or even green. Silver finishes that are pitted or matte black finishes that are easily scratched. For the final catalog, these mis-matched pieces need to be corrected, altered digitally and presented in near flawless condition. I work closely to ensure every piece and finish is within its acceptable color and characteristics; paying close attention to sheen level, brush type, brush direction, paint and metal tones and occasionally blending out seams that would otherwise need to be sanded.