Our trend manager planted the seed for our upcoming 2022 KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) concept centered around the 12 Jungian Archetypes, defined by Carl Jung, famous Swiss founder of analytical psychology.

The archetypes are basically what people and brands would be if you were to distill them as symbols. It can get much more complicated than that, but from a brand and business perspective, I really liked the way Astute explains them, and they have more in-depth explanations into each archetype.

For our purposes, each archetype would be paired up with a hardware board featuring our product from specific collections and metal finishes that best suit the personality of the archetype. Colors were picked on the basis of home interior design trends and guided by some of the top paint companies’ color reports like Sherwin-Williams and Behr. The tradeshow walls are roughly 10×10′ feet, each wall featuring 3 archetypes at a time with 3 coordinating boards.

I was responsible for designing half of the archetypes and assisting with the art direction, color choices, and typography of the rest. KBIS is the biggest tradeshow of the year for our company and the industry as a whole. We wanted to make a splash as we have in years past. While most competitors display hardware on plain white boards mounted on towers and walls side by side, we wanted to do something drastically different and special to garner hype and buzz to highlight our newest releases and finish launches.

Warped Type

For this look I wanted to explore something interesting with typography and consumed quite a few tutorials before landing on a look I liked that could work with the archetype concept.

100% of the typography distortion was done in Illustrator. Turns out, distorting text can be quite fun, but the challenge was finding just the right font, image, and placement combo that still made the archetype word look good.


Care was taken to modify the spacing of the letters post-distortion in order to make the image reveal stronger. I wanted to avoid having space cutting out awkward points on faces or the primary subject. Any image editing that had to be done was completed in Photoshop before bringing back into Illustrator to be masked out. Some liberties had to be taken with mirroring or content-aware fills to make some of these work.

The typography part was easy, finding just the right photo without being too literal or cheesy towards the archetype was the most challenging part of it all, and any graphic designer will tell you, there’s A LOT of cringe-worthy stock photography out there. I’m thankful that royalty-free and commercial-free esources like Unsplash and Pexels exist.


These are the archetype definitions I’ve written up to distill each archetype at a glance:

Creators are the visionary architects of innovation. They are catalysts of change, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and are determined to make their mark on society.

Rulers are born leaders. They clutch fervently onto control, security and order to reign in chaos. They are driven to generate prosperity and provide stability.

Caregivers are the personification of charity. Compassion, self-sacrifice and generosity are tenets of their being. They are servants for the greater good.

The Innocent are perpetual optimists. They go through life in relative simplicity, seeking their own happiness and honest fulfillment.

The Sage is a pillar of boundless knowledge. They walk an endless and unwavering path to unearth the truth and to discover the answers.

Explorers are thrill seekers of adventure. They desire to mingle with all of the excitement that the universe has to offer and have a passion to share this sense of freedom with others.

Rebels break free from tradition. They are the disruptors and challengers of the status quo and are poetic leaders of revolution and justice. They often carve niches of their own where none existed before.

Magicians garner a captive audience. They spark curiosity in others both young and old and they aim to make the impossible, possible. They can transform once distant dreams into tangible reality.

Heroes greet difficult challenges with fortitude. They can endure cataclysmic adversity for the the benefit of all. They achieve and demonstrate some of the highest levels of mastery.

Lovers yearn to forge deep passionate connections with other people and desire to be coveted themselves. They value close friendship and communication and want others to feel attractive and wanted.

Jesters see the world through a different lens. They are clever, witty and intelligent while never taking anything too seriously. Their unconventional tactics may bring about surprising breakthroughs.

The Citizen is all about authenticity and uniting a community. They are trustworthy, genuine and relatable. They believe the sum is greater than its parts and strive to create a sense of belonging.