Night Owl

Lo-fi music, the scent of petrichor— of fresh earth and rain and the fleeting thought of why don’t graveyard shift coffee shops exist, and I was left thinking, where do the insomniacs and night owls go for food and coffee?

Sometimes I want and need real food that tastes homey, like Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, after 10pm on a Sunday, but most places are closed and the energy to prep a meal is nonexistent.

Wouldn’t it be cool if a shop were open late at night (10pm-10am let’s say) that provided fresh food and coffee? But not only that but a safe quiet space and perhaps sound proof zones for late night studying/homework for the college peeps that needed to get away, but also offered a nice covered patio lounge area complete with fire pits and blankets to inspire late night startup ideas?

Then in the winter, that same area or perhaps another, offers a warm but comfortable Victorian-style greenhouse filled with plants and a couple hammocks for nice reading nooks. Then pair this coffee house with a quirky library/comic shop extension with constantly cycling material and curated works? Rambling ideas, but it would sure offer a neat alternative to alcohol and bars and provides an avenue for people who share the same odd circadian rhythms to meetup.


The logo concept came together fairly quickly. The owl is an iconic animal. I went with the great horned owl since they are one of the easily recognizable species with the tufted feathers that resemble horns and the characteristic furrowed brow appearance.

I wanted something a bit dramatic, hence the 3/4 view face and over-the-shoulder appearance with the owl’s back turned to the viewer. With the eye and beak, I echoed a bit of Femto‘s helmet from Berserk.