Sybil is inspired by the timeless David Yurman cable bracelet, which draws its own inspiration from antiquity. Originally created exclusively for a luxury furniture manufacturer, it has been reimagined in modern finishes like Brushed Golden Brass and Matte Black.

The assignment was to shoot some beauty shots on a tight PR deadline. The setup was simple, but a lot of prep work needed to be done. These were shot at home during the pandemic in a not-so-glamorous bedroom setup. Rearranging of furniture and cleanup ensued. This collection is also featured in the Bijou project.

Using What’s Around You

I utilized what I had on hand, an old Pier 1 melamine bowl I almost got rid of, and some black sand. The items were propped up on a nightstand near some windows. It was a clear sunny day and natural light makes for some of the best, but at times, fickle lighting.

When the sun’s rays and exposure were too intense, some drywall-friendly tape and white tissue paper worked perfectly to help diffuse the bright light from the windows without obscuring it entirely. Shot on a Canon 6D Mark II.