The Big Idea

Several times a year, Yeager releases a new chapter as part of “the Big Idea” series which aims to disseminate helpful information to those related to the tech marketing industry. This project typically consists of any combination of the following: helpful articles, surveys, questionaries, videos, and infographics. As ⅓ of the creative team, I created one of the “characters,” The Strategist, seen in red, along with the Roman temple.


Linked to the Big Idea are email follow-ups for subscribers to receive additional content in the future. Well-placed self-promoted ads and CTAs were added within helpful articles to drive traffic to other services and generate leads.


This vast amount of content required multiple components to be completed, including experiences that not only looked great on desktop but tablet and mobile as well. With every new issue a new theme had to be generated and along with it, a new visual concept that would carry throughout all materials.