The Short Version

tl;dr: I’m a 27-year-old visual designer with 6+ years of art and design-related experience. I have a deep passion for branding and image curation and have had the pleasure of working with organizations spanning from the philanthropic end to startups, and some of the most influential tech companies in the Fortune 500. Explore my portfolio here.

My parents purchased our first computer in 2001. I was 10 years old. Around the same time, my dad transitioned from film photography to digital cameras. A lot of the cameras came bundled with image editing software. It didn’t take me long to figure out that these programs were incredibility limiting and basic. Digging around the internet I eventually learned about PhotoShop and the rest was history.

Other Interests

My other passions in life include interior design, gardening, and travel. Hm, come to think of it, one of those standardized tests I took in middle school said I’d be a farmer one day. We’ll see about that. I take inspiration from designers like Lotta Agaton and Elisabeth Heier and by extension have a great fondness for furniture design. I recently acquired a set of vintage Hardoy BKF Butterfly chairs that came to me in rough condition: rusted frames, torn and stained covers that have weathered the Arizona sun and rain for years. With the help of my boyfriend, the frames were completely given a new lease on life. BKF chairs are perhaps one of my favorite pieces of industrial design of all time.

I also love to garden and go to IKEA of all places, to find the most interesting and affordably priced specimens including two giant monstera deliciosa I could’ve easily paid quadruple for at the local nursery. In addition, I love to travel whether it’s on the road or around the globe. If you wish to reach out to me about work including freelance, please reach out to me here.


A Michigan native with Vietnamese heritage, I currently reside in Phoenix with my boyfriend and two Pomeranians, Dolce and Epyon. If you want to learn more about myself, the story continues…

When I was about 4 years old our TV only had about 4 channels. One of them aired Pappyland. A sort of children’s version of Bob Ross. Pappy Drew-It, the main character and a renowned cartoonist in actuality, would teach us how to draw animals and people beginning with very basic shapes that almost anyone can follow. From therein I was enamored, favoring it over other shows like Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Fast forward to my first foray into digital art…

Over the next few years, I involved myself in several online forums, typically offshoots from shared interests (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?), but they usually had some creative sub-section for art and tagging (no, not the spray-paint kind, the forum banner/signature kind). After a time, I built a thick skin after putting up my work for complete strangers over the internet to critique. I learned more at this stage then probably all my years in college where critique often came in the form of a “nice sandwich.”

It would usually begin with something complimentary about the work being reviewed, despite how bad it was, followed by something critical (constructive or not) and ended with something complimentary again so the receiver could be “let down easy.” In the end, the wishy-washy sugar-coating tactic doesn’t help anyone improve. I always welcome and appreciate direct constructive feedback.

 “This isn’t a hobby, it’s an obsession.”