tl;dr: I’m a largely self-taught visual designer with 6+ years of design-related experience. It all began with cracking PhotoShop at age 12. I have a deep passion for art, branding, image curation and a thirst to constantly learn and thrive in my craft. I’ve had the pleasure of working with philanthropic organizations and startups to some of the most influential tech companies in the Fortune 500. My favorite artists include Basquiat, Verner Panton and Vincent Van Duysen. See my work here.

My parents purchased our first computer in 2001. I was 10 years old. Around the same time, my dad transitioned from film photography to digital cameras. A lot of the cameras came bundled with image editing software. It didn’t take me long to figure out that these programs were incredibility limiting and basic. Digging around the internet, I eventually learned about PhotoShop being the industry standard and the rest was history.

My other interests include interior design, gardening and traveling. I have a great fondness for minimalist Scandinavian interiors, an addiction to acquiring unique plants and a love for discovering new places. The interior photos you see here are places I’ve lived. Icons are my own.


I currently reside in Grand Rapids, MI, USA with my partner and two Pomeranians, Dolce and Epyon. If you want to learn more about myself, the story continues.

When I was about 4 years old, our TV only had about 4 channels. One of them aired Pappyland, a sort of children’s version of Bob Ross. Pappy Drew-It, the main character (and a renowned cartoonist in the real world), would teach viewers how to draw animals and people beginning with very basic shapes that even the most drawing illiterate could mimic. From therein I was enamored, favoring it over other shows like Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Fast forward to my first foray into digital art.

Over the next few years, I involved myself in several online forums, typically offshoots from shared interests (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?), but they usually had some creative sub-section for art and tagging (no, not the spray-paint kind, the forum banner/signature kind). After a time, I built a thick skin after putting up my work for complete strangers over the internet to critique. I grew more at this stage then probably all my years in college. I’ve been designing ever since.

 “This isn’t a hobby, it’s an obsession.”